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Oct 1, 2007
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Zurich is $720 more than Progressive($1280 vs $2000)!!!* Is there any reason I should go on with Zurich???* Back when I was shopping initially it was only a 200 dollar spread and the guy sold me on the reputation of Zurich.* They have since gone up significantly.* And the Agent really apologetically couldn't convince me not to switch...

What do y'all think???
Baker,We had Progressive Ins. on our last vessel and they paid quickly after she sank in Katrina. They would not cover our current vessel due to the size or I would certainly use them.
John, you might take a look at your renewal with Zurick. It is reported that they have reworded their policies to make it easy for them to reject almost any claims. Chuck
I haven't dealt with either company, so I can't help on the choice, but I didn't think progressive offered yacht coverage. I've had a good relationship with Chubb, and while I haven't had to collect (thankfully) but members of my club had some total fire losses and they were well taken care of.
RED,They do have upper limits to their coverage of boats. When I shopped them 3 years ago, those limits were 30ft and $100k. I think they have since gone up to 35ft and $150k or something like that. So if you are a high(er) roller, then they probably don't have anything for ya.

Thanks for the input guys. Keep it coming if ya got it.
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