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Oct 11, 2007
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2021..22' Duffy Cuddy cabin
How is it that over the weekends almost no one posts to this site!!! I am a smoker and I don't know which is worse...running out of cigarettes or finding no posts on this site! I know..I know..all of you are out on your boats and don't have the time to post anything. They continue to post on PMM....why not this site?


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I'm out working on my boat on the weekends all day each day and smoking cigarettes. Too tired to post when I get home and nothing to say.
i think they are doing what they should be doing. playing about in boats,as for the smokes i gave up about 15 years ago after geting very ill, i used to smoke 60 to 80 a day ,now thats a lot of cigs,lit one from the other i would smoke almost anything i think if i had one i would be hooked again because i still want wife smokes not very heavy.she is an educated smoker.uses a butt bucket or beer can.

Weekends, I go boating on the small boat, work on the big boat and stay at our beach shack from Friday night onwards. Must admit the laptop goes with me but rarely gets turned on. So I don't check emails or any forums over the weekend. It is good to have a break I think.

Good to hear from you again David and to see that your boat is still "right side up." I'm assuming your off the hard and back in the water.


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I first get my fix on the PMM site which I have been a member for 10+ years.* However, I do check this site daily, but it seems most of the regulars that post have experience and knowledge, and by that time there been replies. Its the newbies and wantabes that post most of the questions.**

During the week I have some down time at work but stuck*inthe office, so I have the time to post.* However, on Saturday tend to sleep in, watch the Top 20 country hits while cleaning/picking up and doing some maintenance on the boat, then off to do the laundry and grocery shopping. By then the morning is shot, the wife is up, and ready to go.* And of course on Sunday there is church, so that shoot Sunday morning, and before I know it, the week end is over.


We just got back from a weekend cruise - an absolutey fabulous weekend in the PNW, with temp in the 80's and full sun. We came back late Monday, which we like to do, and had the Columbia river to ourselves, thanks to all of you still working out there.
We go to Bellingham virtually every weekend to use the boat, either taking it out or staying on it, and hanging out with boating friends like forum member Carey and his wife. The various boating forums are great but are no substitute for actually being on a boat (or around boats or looking at boats or working on boats or....)
SeaHorse II wrote:

Good to hear from you again David and to see that your boat is still "right side up." I'm assuming your off the hard and back in the water.
Hi Walt:

Nope, still on the hard. The ice and snow have only recently left us and now its cold and raining. Hoping to launch mid May, which is a bit of an early launching here. Spent last two months replumbing fuel lines and adding new fuel manifold/valves, adding a washdown system, refinishing the soles, prepping the mechanicals, figuring out/repairing electricals and electronics, repairing shaft coupling, and a myriad of odds & ends. Working on brightwork now. First year of ownership things mainly. Awfully short boating season here. From the other posts, sounds like the PNW is the place to be this time of year.

Gulf Coast not bad either; mid 80's, short pants & flip flops. Bit too cool to swim yet.
Walt** * Like everyone else, I am either doing something else or simply have nothing constructive to add. We are sitting on our boat in Friday Harbor right now. It's a cool 42 degrees, calm and overcast. The sun is threatening to come out, but no guarantees. Here in the soggy NW, rain is always an option as well.
** * * * * * Carey
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The last couple of month the number of discussion topics and replies have drop significantly on both the PMM and Trawler Forum.* I thought this was/is a site *where boaters could ask questions and share information/experience/knowledge openly without concern of being criticism and flames/personal attacked.** I have seen it happen more frequently on*both sites.**Anyway, my personal feeling is that number of post has drop off, is not because of person activity.**
Why bother? There are 2-3 people who know everything and attack anybody who disagree with them. Watch...

I'm not sure if this site's responders are into asking questions as much as giving answers. I peruse The Hull Truth from time to time and note that there are similar people to whom Keith may note, but the hundreds of active members pretty well shout them down.

Did you see Peter Whiting's latest 50' er at Anacortes? Lots of interesting vessels there - more sellers than buyers but lots of interest. I was really taken with the Nordhavn motor sailer, I hope they get some sales so the concept moves on.
On PMM I posted some pictures under Trawler Fest Hoo-roo- anybody going.* Yes, Peter Whiting and I e-mail on a regular bases, and on June 26 plan on going up to visit his plant with another PMM newbie/wantabee that is visting the Puget Sound with his family.*

Maybe I am just getting over sensitive but when both boards have been affected?

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