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Feb 18, 2013
Hi to All;

I am glad to join this community

I live in Turkey and start to build a Roberto Barros project named Curruira 33 last year.

My boat become to its end and I am going to launch it in May 2013 if everything goes well. I am planing to use it at Aegean sea coasts, we have a summer home at Ayvalik

I will share my boats photos at this forum soon.

Best wishes to all
Welcome to the forum Emre. We look forward to some photos of your boat.
Hello Emre

My boat was also designed by Roberto Barros Studio. I just made changes above the waterline.
As all Roberto's boats, yours look very clean. Congratulations and welcome to the forum.

Thanks for your replies,

I will share my boats building process photos soon

@portuguese : Roberto Barros projects are very good for my opinion, you made a good choice, I guess you are building Curruira 42, hope it will be perfect when finished

Regards to all
Curruira 33 in Margarita Island

Hi Emre

Greetings from Venezuela!
I bought the plans for the Curruira 33 from RB Design. I Would appreciate very much your comments (and of course pictures!) on your experience building this boat.
I intend to build the boat here in Margarita Island (Venezuela, South America)

I just came back from the boat show in Ft. Lauderdale in the US. There I looked at two boats: Beneteau Swift 34 and Ranger Tugs 31, but I still like more the Curruira 33 for my needs. I would like to convert it into a one cabin with an island berth, instead of two cabins shown in the plans.

Looking forward to hear from you!


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