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Jan 2, 2021
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48ft Trawler
Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself. I am Lyndon and I am from Sydney Australia. Just purchased a 1953 48ft fishing trawler. Looking forward to sharing my journey with you all and enjoying some advice!


Welcome to the forum Lyndon! G'day Mate.
Buying a 65+ year old boat is gutsy! (Depending on how well it has been looked after).

Good luck with bringing it to the condition you want it in!!

Looks like a real fishing boat. The high bow has an Asian look. Welcome Aboard!
Are you planning a conversion to a pleasure cruiser trawler?
Thanks fella's!

She is a beauty alright. She was completely overhauled from 2008-2012 with new John Deere 225HP engine, new engine blocks, resplined hull , completely glassed hull and decks, new wheel house, electrics, etc etc. A working cray boat then for a further 6-7 years and now I have her :) She certainly has exceptional bones and her engine is a dream!

Plans so far are to extend the wheel house slightly to install a new toilet and shower behind the wheelhouse, new fixed canopy to cover 80% of the back deck, new sun bends aft and in front of the wheelhouse, cabin fitouts (2 x cabins below deck) and refit the wheelhouse into a more usable and modern setting. Oh, and new colour scheme :)

Overall... not changing her "that" much - just making her a more usable day boat for the family!
Welcome aboard. Sounds like a fun project. We will need lots of photos...
Ohhh there will be LOTS of photos guys!!!
Welcome mate. have seen that boat for sale , yes I think you have got a good one. Getting her set up for cruising will take a bit but as you have said , she has good bones.
Hi Benn, welcome back. Long time no post, so to speak. Where've you been..?
Hi Benn, welcome back. Long time no post, so to speak. Where've you been..?

Mate, been away in Tidahapah for the last 4 months. Solo up to the Whits and back. Have just been down the Bay for the last 5 days , a few days in the Blue Hole, drinks and food with friends down at the Gutter bar, catching sand crabs and just generally chillin out.
No work and Tidahapah is on the market. See what 2021 brings.
Sounds like a good way to spend the summer. I hope the sale goes ok. Cheers, :)

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