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Sep 25, 2008
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"Emily Anne"
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2001 Island Gypsy 32 Europa (Hull #146)
Nice article in latest Passagemaker on the Scorpius delivery.* Good free publicity for you too.
Thanks for the kind words.* It was a fun trip, but then again they all are, some are just more fun than others.* I was very fortunate that Bob Lane was able to crew with us at a time when I really needed some help, and as a bonus he's truly a nice guy.* As for the publicity, in this time of vastly reduced spending on luxury items, every little bit helps.* Hopefully, we will be able to help more folks realize their boating dreams in the coming years.................Arctic Traveller
Well, after reading the article and visiting your web site, we'd love to go on one of your cruises. But, alas, we don't have the money or time.
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