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Jul 29, 2017
United States
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Hi, I'm Richard. I hope to join the ranks of Trawler owners in the next few years and thought that now would be a great time to start talking and getting to know "the trawler boat people". I am excited about learning everything I can to help with a good decision when I purchase. More information for operating and maintaining will also be very helpful.
Anyway, I look forward to meeting some of you and having fun along the way.
Welcome Richard. There is a wealth of experience here and they share it willingly.
Welcome. Of all the boating forums I've experienced (and over the years I've probably done at least half a dozen), this one is the only one that "sticks" for me. Good friendly tone overall, good level of expertise, and the boats are big enough so the conversations are a little more serious and worthwhile and a notch above the weekend boat-on-a-trailer stuff.
Hi, Richard! Hope you have lots of time b/c you'll need to to soak it all in. Lots of great folks and sound advice here. It certainly helps to flatten out the steep learning curve we all experienced when we started pursuing this passion. But it's a bit like drinking from fire hose sometimes.

The search tool linked below on this post is a powerful tool for finding applicable threads and posts. Welcome aboard!
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"Good friendly tone overall, good level of expertise..." Just wait until he asks about...um, you know.

Welcome aboard Richard.
RT has a point, just don't get trapped into discussing ???
Seriously, you'll find a wealth of hard earned knowledge from friendly people to help you get started.
Welcome aboard! I believe Mr. Firefly is referring to the "A" word. Every time someone says the A word, the forum grinds to a halt as everyone tells you your A is too small and is the wrong kind.
And then every time there's a tragic boating or shipping accident, 75% of the members will rampantly speculate on the fault and causes and circumstances, while 25% will scold the rest of us for rampant speculation.

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