Hello from Powell River

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RID welcome and what a great area to boat in
Powell River harbour

I remember the conversation.
I believe most people in Powell River know we live in a town only accessable by air or water.
I personally didn't understand the complexity involved in the completion of the project.
I'm not rich (much poorer now with a wooden boat), but I gained by your efforts.
I parked my sail boat there and bought two of the old 40' docks which joined together my Trawler is now docked on Powell Lake
Anyway, thanks for your efforts
Good job
Welcome, RID, to the wooden DeFever club! We have a 1969 50ft wooden DeFever and are in the PacNW. Your boat is DeFever's design DF70-38 built by Oriental Boat Company in Taiwan. It was DeFever's fourth production line of wooden Offshore Cruisers, three of which were built at OBC. There were 35 38ft hulls built. My in-laws bought Hull#15 in 1973 and cruised from San Diego to Acapulco for 7 years, then through the Panama Canal and cruised the Caribbean for another 7 years - a very reliable, comfortable and well-loved boat!

Does the boat have a name? Do you know former names and owners? Most OBC boats have a 6-digit hull number carved into the keelon but that doesn't seem to be the case with the 38s. Does yours? I've connected with quite a few of the early DeFever owners on the west coast. There are some experts, and a talented, wooden-boatwright and 50 DeFever owner in Ladysmith. Do join the DeFever Cruisers Association: https://www.defevercruisers.com. There will be a PacNW DeFever Rendezvous in Anacortes Sept. 18-22. And don't hesitate to get in touch. Good luck with your project!
Yes your right on everything
I have a lot of the original documentation. Maybe I should upload it.
It was called the Ahab II and will try to keep the name.
It's unregistered now but I'll fix that
Sorry everybody

I have to learn to respond to posts.
I'm interested in all your comments and advice.
I need your collective knowledge.
I'll visit the newbe page again and I'll always try to reply.
Thanks for your patience
And knowledg
I feel as green on this board as I feel on my boat.
Think I have good neighbors though, both where I live and on this site.
Happy New year
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