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Dec 14, 2019
Hello everyone I am new to the forum and recently purchased a 1973 Grand Banks 36. She needs a little TLC. Working on new window trim and eventually will need to have the teak decks worked on as well. Aside from that, some minor updates on the interior and she will be ready to cruise the Pacific Northwest.
Welcome! Is that a wood hull or fiberglass?

Welcome Aboard!! What Greg said plus Single or Dual engine ? If you are new to the forum you can be excused for not including pictures. Once you get used to the forum send us a bunch of pictures and specifics on the boat and engines, like make model and hours.

Welcome! Great boat for around here. Post some pics when you can (you need to post/reply a few times before the site will allow you to upload photos).
Welcome aboard TF.
Adding info re your boat and yourself will help others provide better info.
Congrats on the "new" vessel... you are in good company
My 1973 GB 36

She is a 1973 Grand Banks 36 classic. The very first year of fiberglass. And this particular model has the twin ford Lehman 120s. Hull number #36-391. She has had a lack of love the last few years and I am planning on bringing her back to life. The engines and mechanical are in great shape! The windows and teak decks need work and of course she is need of lots of varnish!!! So lots of work and probably some questions to come!


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Congratulations--looks like you have a good start--the machinery is important.
Welcome aboard! My wife and I chartered a 36 GB Classic in the Florida Keys many years ago. It was a very comfortable boat. You’ll enjoy yours.
Welcome aboard. Congrats on your new boat. Enjoy!
Welcome aboard! Congrats on the new boat. Grand Banks are great boats, and I love the look of all that teak! However, for me, too much work required to keep it as it should be, but some really love that part of boating!! Enjoy all of your experiences, and maybe we will see you on the water. By the way, what is your boat's name?
Welcome Mike, congrats! We looked at one like yours, they are beautiful boats.
Enjoy the TLC. Tom is right "some really love that part of boating" aka "have a screw loose" and I'm one of them!
My Wife and I have 6-8 years of work left before we can head your way to explore - really looking forward to that.
Aft Deck,
My former boss at work (I've been retired for a while now), bought a boat a few years before he retired with plans for extensive travel. For the first 5+ years of ownership, the boat was on the hard while he did a total refit. The only thing that he did not rebuild almost entirely was the engine! All exterior teak including both masts and all spars (it was a ferocement schooner) received a total strip down and 12 coats of varnish. Having built a boat before, he had a lot of knowledge before hand. He loved it!!!
However, not for me, I want to use my boat not spend too much time "refitting it".

I do, however, believe "whatever floats your boat!" :) Everyone is different.
Enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy!
Welcome aboard Mike. I love those old Grand Banks', definitely a boat worthy of some elbow grease. And I'm going to assume it was built when builders weren't sure how strong this newfangled fiberglass stuff was, so the hull is probably built like a tank!

Where will you be keeping her? I've got my tug in Anacortes and sailboat on Lake Union.
Welcome Mike - enjoy your boat.
We got ours in October this year, a 1989 Island Gypsy 32, just in time to have it pulled for the winter. According to the history of the K&H IGs, we may have our designer in common.
Ours was on the hard for about a year as the PO had two boats so know a little bit about the TLC required.
Congratulations and the best of luck, might also want to check closely at the fuel tanks (areas not easily seen). Hate to see you do all this work and then need to replace tanks.
Welcome aboard! We had a 1972 GB 36, the last year of the woodies. Great boat. Cruised in the Hawaiian Islands with her. Now looking for another boat to cruise the Gulf Coast, and Bahamas! Enjoy.
Congrats! Love GBs and yours looks like it will be a wonderful family member!
Welcome. I had a wooden GB42 1972 model. Sold in 2015, The gent who bought it has continued to upgrade it just as I did. He decided to tackle the teak deck issue which he decided was one - I did not. He and I discussed how to cover them, and my main point to him was that the decking should not be removed because of how the boat was built. Yours will be different because you have a glass boat, but his method seemed sound to me, and I could put you in touch with him should you ever go that route.
Welcome Mike - enjoy your boat.
We got ours in October this year, a 1989 Island Gypsy 32, just in time to have it pulled for the winter. According to the history of the K&H IGs, we may have our designer in common.
GBs were designed by Ken Smith, IGs were designed by Harvey Halvorsen. IG copied features of the GB but if you look at the hull, esp fwd, they are quite different.
Be sure to also join the Grand Banks forum... GrandBanksOwners.com Lots of good resources and knowledge there too, but a lot less traffic than this forum. Also the GB group on Facebook. We have a 1990 GB 32, which was the smallest model they built. I just learned the 32s are referred to as 'baby grands,' which I though was rather charming. Welcome to the GB 'cult!'
Welcome to Trawler Forums. Nice boat .
I too am Mike. GB36 are absolutely classic plastic. Welcome!

If you stop in to Westview, give me a shout. 50% of the time I am home

Which means 90% of of the time I'm unavailable...
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You are correct on the designers - my error. It was Joseph Kong, the GM of American Marine that formed the joint venture with Halvorsen to form K&H.
Welcome aboard and Happy New Year’s to everyone.
Welcome aboard...and congrats on the new GB36! Nice boat.

I bought a 1977 well maintained 34 LRC 12 yrs ago and found that it takes a lot of time and effort or a lot of money to keep up with the shine (paint/FG and brightwork). It also cuts into the fun time to operate the boat while simultaneously diminishing funds for other important things like other boat electronics and gadgets and fuel.

Therefore, I have decided that I will no longer be a slave to the boat shine. I will clean, maintain and enjoy my boat, but I'm not chasing the shine any longer. I think I've hung up my varnish brush for good.

I feel liberated!!


Happy 20/20!!
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