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ratzo ritzo

Mar 29, 2008
I am having problems with my Jabsco electric marine toilet flushing. When I push the flush button the water only swirls a bit and the level does not decrease. The pump sounds fine, and the power to the pump is not low. Does not seem to prime.
Before purchasing a new $200 Quiet flush pump I'd like to know if there may be something else I can check before assuming the impellor is shot.
I cannot find a repair kit for it as it's an older model pump for the model #37245, and have to purchase a newer retrofit model #31631-0092.
Any suggestions of sites I can purchase the above mentioned pump for if I have to.
Thanks for your time and all replies are much appreciated..
You might try priming it. The front head looses it prime if we do not use it, so I take the shower spray and fill the toilet up with water, which primes the toilet.
The bowl had water in it and still would not function. It's a centrifugal pump as opposed to a rubber impellor and had to order retrofit with impellor. I've run out of anything else to look for.
Bingo, It was the discharge line that caused the problem. I installed a new Y-valve a couple weeks ago and in the process must have dislodged some of the calcification in the hose. Omitted it as a suspect because I just replaced it 16 months ago.
And for further reference, a blocked vent will cause the same symptoms!
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