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Mar 17, 2008
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Isle of Skye
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Bruckmann trawler
I'm having problems with backflow in a Jabsco manual head. I've changed the flap valve at the base of the pump a couple of times and that normally fixes it for a few months. It appears that the flapper section goes out of round then the tip catches on the stationary section. The last fix has lasted for a month and is back to the same out of round condition.(and this is operating in the fresh to brackish conditions of Lake Ponchartrain and GICW West of HL.
Any fixes that spring to mind??
Any thoughts of the root cause (I was thinking that the valve may be laser cut to too tight a tolerance).
What might be a potential replacement head type that would occupy the same envelope?
Jon, Not sure how old this unit is but the Jabsco was never one of my favorites. If it has any age on it I would recommend the Rariton PH II. I have found it to be one of the most dependable manual heads I have encountered and not all that expensive. Chuck
it's 2 years old.
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