Hand winch steel cable replacement

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Jun 8, 2010
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1997 Mainship 350
Good morning.
The 3/16 steel cable on my hand crank winch I use to raise and lower my inflatable dingy is starting to fray and kink from use. I will be replacing it with 1/4” Dynima line. My dingy/motor setup weighed approximately 250lbs.
The Dynima line has a working strength of approximately 8k. What knot should I use to attach the hook I attach to my sling. I’m thinking a bowline or anchor knot.
Dyneema line.
Look online for knots especially designed for the new lines.

They are extraordinarily slippery and old fashion knots may not work.

  • Knots can slip especially with high strength lines. Spectra® or Dyneema®type lines require specialized knots or splices to prevent slipping. For covered lines, a double fisherman's knot works well. For uncovered Spectra®or Dyneema® line use a triple fisherman's knot.
Checked with west marine. They will splice an eye on the line.
Look for brummel splice or brummel lock splice in youtube. Not very difficult & it will not slip.
Love that Brummell splice! However, don't you think you'd want at least a couple of more tucks, especially when you want to achieve maximum strength, or has someone actually tested the strength of that splice?
Just the 2 tucks shown in the videos will give u a locked splice that will not pull apart and will give you the full strength of the dyneema or whatever rope u are using. There are a number of sailors that have converted their standing rigging using brummel splices
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