Gutters on a KK-42

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May 10, 2011
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Golden Dawn
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Krogen 42
Has anyone had any success with adding gutters along the trimline on the wheelhouse and along the side decks? I was hoping to find something "on the shelf" in a J-shape. It needs to be 1" high and 1.5 inches wide - like the image below but bigger.

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Mr. GD. Not a KK but pretty well the same configuration and need for gutters IF I understand your query correctly. I've been looking,on and off for exactly the stuff you are. I even posed the same question here on TF and no suggestions, as I recall.

In lieu of the "J" gutters which would attach on the outside overhang from the top deck, I've been considering gluing/adhesing 1"X1" strips of ? (haven't determined what yet) solid plastic at the extreme outside horizontal surface (the deck) of the FB to at least channel any run off to a "central" location where some sort of spout might be attached.

I do have access to the underside if I wanted to through bolt the strips but I am extremely hesitant to start drilling holes for something I'm not sure will work. A self stick "J" gutter would be the ideal.

I suspect you're looking for something like this but much wider across the bottom and a rounded bottom channel...

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I need gutters myself . I’ve diverted some of the water but not how I really want to . I’ve managed to divert my runoff from my roof top ac unit but t that’s elementary when it comes to to rainwater runoff. We must face the fact that whatever we do it ain’t gonna be pretty. I’m paying close attention here.
My wife found a self adhesive flexible rain diverter for RVs that worked great. I only wish I knew the name/brand. But it's basically a "J" shaped extrusion with double stick tape on one surface. We had a number of places where water from above cascaded down in most unfortunate locations. The diverter strips worked great. The only down side it that the minimum quantity was something like 50'. We gave a bunch to fellow boaters with similar problems.
Saint tt. I'd forgotten about the RV market. Thanks. The search is on...

Can't remember where I read it (Might have even been TF) but: Of all the things I've lost by getting older, I miss my mind the most.

Just saw your other post..Sorry Mr. Saint tt. I'll try to remember....Really I will...

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For mine I’ve thought about finding the low spot in my roof a couple inches from the edge and drilling a hole there and tapering the hole to accept a flushmount type thru hull fitting with a 90 degree hose barb and attaching a braided hose that extends past the caprails. Kinda red neck but I think it would work. But I ain’t brave enough to try it. I have a solid piece of teak up there now that diverts it fore and aft but it puddles in the center .
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Mr. PM. I thought about the low spot on OUR upper deck (sort of sway back like a KK) BUT then I realized that depending on the amount of fuel aboard, that "low spot" will shift fore and aft.
You should all look into "ESSENTIAL PRODUCTS" They make the RV type rain gutters for RV's and boats. It's not 1 inch, but it does the job. It come in black, white and ivory. 800 560 7147.
I have used it on two boats so far, and I am happy with it.
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I crashed around on RV sites and even mobile home sites but nothing quite right. I also looked at various aluminum extrusions and will go down to the Metal Super Market tomorrow to check their stock. I ripped a 2" PVC pipe to see if that would work - it is close but not quite enough height; maybe gluing a couple pieces together (boats!). And maybe a small aluminum or vinyl gutter could be cut to make it work. Thanks for thoughts here
Mr. 465. Thanks. That seems to be the most common size and configuration on the market. Unfortunately I will be draining an area about 150 sq ft. (1/2 area of FB) and I'm afraid such a small profile would easily be overwhelmed in anything more than a gentle shower.
There is a common place the water goes to almost no matter what the conditions are. It’s not a house and it ain’t gonna be perfect all the time . There should be a stain reflecting that area. If you could channel it there then dump it like a downspout.
I’ve had a few cocktails and I’m feeling a little overconfident:hide:
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I bought some from trail pals horse trailer web site. They sold it by the foot.
ComoDave - I am guessing that you purchased "drip rails" as below? That does not have a wide-enough gutter for my application. Wish it were that easy.

Yes, that is what I bought to create a drip edgs under my rub rails.
I tried those EZE Gutters with the sticky back. They held on well but weren't big enough to handle the rain load. Super disappointed.

Now I'm wondering about something like these steel mini-gutters - scroll past the drip rails to see the item I'm looking at:
R & G Mobile Home Supply- Drip Rails and Mini-Gutter

I've been seeing some interesting options when I search for "awning gutters" or "tent gutters"
On Bay Pelican, a Krogen 42, we took a different approach. There are four drain holes on the lip of the upper deck. We filled these holes in with a combination of 1/2" PVC tubing and one of the deck fill products. Water run off then came out the tubing. We used flexible extensions of the tubing to keep the draining water off the side of the boat. Depending on the season we then adding hosing to one or two of the drains to catch water which we used for washing. We added an in-line filter to catch most of the debris which drained off the deck.
This is a kk42 that was next to us at Green Turtle Bay a few months ago. You can see a couple of hose pieces hanging off the upper deck.This was what got me to thinking about mine.


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This is a kk42 that was next to us at Green Turtle Bay a few months ago. You can see a couple of hose pieces hanging off the upper deck.This was what got me to thinking about mine.

I have something similar to that, but connected to some pvc pipe. It sorta works, but it’s a regular process to clean out the algae that collects inside the pipes. This is the best photo I have.
On The Hard July 2013.jpg

Simi 60 and RT Firefly,

These look like they would both work. I will drop down to Home Depot to see what they have have for vinyl or PVC down spouts as that would be most easily sourced. Thank you for the suggestions !
Has anyone done a more perminant spout to direct water away from the boat at each hole? (Same issue on my kk54). I saw something like this on a nordhavn and it looked slick, will try and find a pict.
We simply have 2 inch PVC kitchen sink drains going through the deck
On the bottom side PVC elbow and a foot of tube press fits and is pointing overboard.

To this I can add another PVC fitting reducing to hose to fill water tanks.
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