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Nov 2, 2019
Vessel Name
ABsolutely FABulous
Vessel Make
Greenline 33 Hybrid (2010)
Now that we have a new, dedicated area for Greenline/Solar/Hybrid discussion, I thought I would start this thread with an eye toward aggregating Greenline 48 discussions that do not fit into any of the other thread categories. Hopefully, this will make it easier for those that might be doing research in the future.
Purchasing Greenline 48 Coupe

I see there isnt alot of discussion on the greenlines, but wanted to reach out. We are in the process of purchasing a greenline 48coupe. As soon as we close on it we will be taking it from Annapolis MD down to its winter home in Southport NC. We live in Erie PA and will bring it back up north for the summer. Really love everything about the boat so far and will post as much as we can here to hopefully help others with the brand questions. Thanks so much
Congrats on the purchase! I wish you the best of luck for a smooth close and follow-on maiden voyage!

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