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man n black

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Jul 6, 2016
Hello All from Ski Town USA!
My name is Chris and my wife and I have recently decided that full time travelling the world in a Trawler type yacht is definitely in our future. You see, we are the adventurous type, rarely comfortable for long in one place. Unafraid we like to meet problems head on, prevail with cool heads in time of crisis and have a thirst for meeting new people and seeing new cultures. Having grown up near the Pacific Ocean (SF), we have owned a few boats in our past, though nothing quite like what we currently envision and are excited to begin to lay the ground work for this new chapter in our lives!

Dreams are nice....

What kind of boats have you owned and how much blue water experience under your belt?
@psneeld....well it all started with small aluminum fishing boats, graduated to ski/wakeboard boats (outboard and inboard) and then both of us have spent a fair amount of time on 30-45 foot mono hull sailboats and trimarans mostly with friends / family doing inshore SF Bay cruising. Never daily living, daily cruising or far offshore running except for the occasional fishing trip but that doesn't count. Very self sufficient, we both have tons of hands on mechanical experience and knowledge from many different teachers including diesel stuff, with some fabrication experience along the way and more life experience than most folks. We are both fortunate to have spent 20 years working in a field in which there is no quit..no matter what you must always find a workable solution.

We are in no way believing that we got this stuff down and definitely know that we have tons to learn and even tons to be curious and frightened of!

Welcome aboard TF. There's a lot of wisdom on here so feel free to ask questions as they come up.
Greetings and welcome aboard!
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