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Sep 22, 2021
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Very happy to have discovered this forum. After perusing several of the categories I can already tell that I’ll be back often.

My wife and I are newly retired and live on the water near Morehead City, NC. We have been boating since we were married (36 yrs) and have been through many of the iterations many owners go through. We’re currently getting reacquainted with our Cabo 35 that’s just come off the hard after a 2 yr Covid-delayed refit. We’ll be back out in the Gulf Stream pursuing our passion for blue water fishing as soon as we complete a couple more shakedown runs.

I’m excited about finding this forum because we have never done anything substantial in our 36 years together without something resembling a plan. As many of you know the offshore fishing game, if you’re serious about it, entails a long day. Depending on the weather, and the mood of the Gulfstream, it can also be akin to a contact sport. We’re in pretty good shape for our age but we’re at the point where we more selective of the days we pick to go fishing. So our current “plan” is to enjoy our fishing boat for a couple more years and ease into the traveling lifestyle aboard a trawler.

There’s obviously a lot to learn but since we both have a healthy appetite for knowledge, it’s looking like we’ll be happy with the process. I promise it won’t be a 1 way street. I spent 40 years in a dozen positions within the industrial protective coatings industry and while I certainly don’t have all the answers, I think I’ve seen or heard about all of the common mistakes. Paints and resins are really stupid but obedient materials. They will do exactly what they are told to do providing you know what language to use.

That’s all for now. The ribs need to come off the grill :dance:

Welcome aboard. Glad to have your paint knowledge aboard.
Welcome aboard.

I need help!

My first recommendation is to invest in a better quality brush. Also, my neighbor is an excellent optometrist. Just sayin…..

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