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Jun 28, 2008
Its about time to start the cruising season.* Where is everybody headed this year?* After staying close to home last year (Oregon), we're planning a coastal cruise up to the Canadian Gulf, Desolation area.* Hopefully better fuel prices and exchange rates this year.

What say you?
Nice idea. I will probably spend a long weekend cruising up the east coast of Hong Kong to our most protected little archipelago of islands called Double Haven, and then cross Mirs Bay into China to explore some apparently quite interesting boating grounds beyond... very much off the beaten track. Care to join! Haha!

Enjoy the new season!
For me it will be many 6 mile runs down the bay for spotted bay bass, 16 miles to the Coronado Islands for an overnight, marina hopping up the coast to newPort beach, accross to Catalina and back* to san Diego. If it's in the cards, maybe Santa Barbara.
We just dropped anchor in Burnt Mill Creek north of Panama City Florida. Had a very enjoyable saunter down from Dog River and will try all the rivers we can in the Panhandle then south to the Keys? ?? before heading up to Columbus MS for the windy season.
The longer trip I will do this year is Sidney BC to Broughtons. Points between will be some neat stops like Dent Island Resort and Blind Bay. Not enough time to go further north. If we have guests we'd probably take a day or two and go to Princess Louise inlet. There are so many things to see along this route with most a virtual spur of the moment decision. *If sea conditions are not too rough we'll get into the Queen Charlotte sound area.
We're going to Prince Edward Island this spring (not in the boat obviously) so we'll only have about two weeks in the fall for a longer boat trip. At this point we're planning on an "around Saltspring Island" trip with the same friends who accompanied us to Desolation Sound in their sailboat last fall. Visit multiple bays and small marinas along the way.

But weather and work permitting, we'll continue to take a lot of three-day weekend trips year round to the small island in the San Juans where we have property as well as other destinations in the islands.
Hoping to depart November 1 (or thereabouts) from Ensenada, Mexico, and head down through the Panama Canal and then up the Caribbean Island chain (after a fuel stop in Venezuela).* We have to be north of the FL/GA border by June 1.* We'll end up in the Norfolk, VA, area sometime in June.* Or that's the plan....

M/V Antipodes
Down to Annapolis for the Blue Angels show at Graduation.* Then, pretty much waterfront bar-hopping.*

Oh, yeah, and some friends want to fish.* Sounds like a lot of hassle to me, I usually just go to the Giant.
Hey Marin:* Speaking of trips are your still in China? I go to Beijing for the week of March 9th.
Well, think we'll cruise up to the Broughtons, Spider Islands, Prince Rupert, Behm Canal, Meyers Chuck, Hoonah, Port Baker and maybe Pelican.* That ought to take 5 months give or take but it's only 2000+- nm and 600 gal of fuel.* Think the beer bill will be more than the fuel bill - help the economy you know.* Have fun and maybe we'll see you on the water.
Maine: Penobscot Bay, Jericho Bay, Blue Hill Bay, Frenchman's Bay, Mt. Desert area, etc, maybe a trip east to Roque Island or a quick jaunt over to Nova Scotia. Pretty much prisoners of these areas for the next couple of years until family situation changes (read elderly needy parent) and frees us up for a wider range. Not complaining as its a beautiful cruising area and would take a lifetime to fully explore, and we are not at all anxious to be free of the family obligation. Just wish the boating season were longer in this climate.
We are currently docked in Titusville, Fl. Taking a weekend trip north to New Smyrna beach this week. Will start working our way south again in about 2 more weeks. Will stay in Vero Beach for awhile and West Palm Beach for awhile. Then decide on heading to the keys or Bahamas. Currently not getting good reports on either!
sunchaser wrote:

Hey Marin:* Speaking of trips are your still in China? I go to Beijing for the week of March 9th.
No, we came home from Xiamen on Monday.* Thirty days was long enough for us......

We had our long trip this year bringing Gumbo home from Annapolis November 28 - Feb. 8 So we'll probably do some trips around the nearby bayous and lakes. I want to make a few weekend trips out to the bays to do some night fishing for speckled trout around the shallow water oil platforms. I'll be hooking up a couple of 300 watt lights to run off of the generator.
Maybe if we get some decent weather a couple of overnight offshore trips for snapper and kingfish.
Steve Willett
Monk 36, Gumbo
Thibodaux, Louisiana
We have a couple of nights on the hook (Cat/ Ship Island) planned for the end of April. Also will be planning a trip to the Grand Hotel on the Mobile Bay.*

Steve,How about some pics of the new Monk???
I've been thinking 3 months in SE ALaska, but then maybe with the exchange rate as it is these days it might be a good year to travel up on the water through BC, rather than tow to Prince Rupert.* Anyone know the price of diesel in BC lately?
Well its all right for you guys to brag about where you are going cruising but at this point my main concern is just getting the damned boat back in the water
The rebuild has taken much longer than originally planned due mainly to family problems however 5 years is too darn long to be without our boat.
Should everything work out and we do get back on the water this year it will be a few short shake down cruises in the Gulf Islands and then off north to the Broughton Group area for several weeks.
Hope everyone's summer cruising plans go well and are without those "glitches" that so often strike.
John Tones MV Penta
Sidney, BC
I have so many things to do this comming summer time is my biggest problem.* I would like to go south to Boca de Quadra ( inlet ) , up to Rudyerd Bay and around Revillagigedo Island and back w perhaps a side trip to Metlakatla. A second trip through Rocky Pass anchoring in Big John Bay ( 2 days w nice weather ) and on to Kake. Then on to Port Alexander and most of the inlets on the SE side of Baranof Is. Then on to the Bay of Pillers and Tebenkof Bay. Home via Pt Baker and Coffman Cove. I intend to keep my cruising south of Pt Gardner this year. With the boat finally up here I'm a bit like a kid in a candy store* ..* fall will tell how much control I have.

Eric Henning
Wow!* That schedule looks like as much, or more, fun than Seattle to Thorne Bay last summer, Eric.
I hope the crab boats from Kake leave you more room to anchor in Big John than they left for us last summer.* It was wall to wall crab pot floats when I went through July 1.* Stedman Cove or the south side of Entrance Island have been good for us at the north end of Rocky Pass in the past.
For those unfamiliar with Erics proposed tour of Rocky Pass, go here and click on the chart 17372 and check out the 18 nm or so of Keku Straits Rocky Pass, The Summit and Devils Elbow.* The three anchorages mentioned are on the LHS near the top.* Note that chart depths are given in FEET!
East Baranof has some nice anchorages.* Red Bluff Bay is one of the best 360 degrees of beautiful Alaska landscape I have seen.
If you make it to the west side of Kuiu, I would really appreciate a first hand report on Tebenkof Bay as a cruising/anchoring area.* The chart shows a lot of promise.* Lots of pics, please.
Enjoy your candy, Eric.

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That is one heck of a trip!* You may cover a little more than 2000+ - nm.* Our 2002 trip took 5 months but we covered 3500 nm including Wrangell, Petersburg, Juneau, and Skagway, before stopping at Hoonah, Pelican, Sitka, Kake and Craig.* Lots of wonderful anchorages on the route.* Hope you get great weather.
Willy, please keep in touch on the timing of your trip to Hotham Sound.* Freil Falls should be nice this spring.* No reason I cant come and get you when you pass by Halfmoon Bay or Secret Cove.* Well spill some beer on the deck, and swap a few lies.
We are getting about 80 cents US Funds for a Loonie at present, Richard.* Marine diesel is available locally at about $1.05 Cdn per liter (under $4 per USG) at present.
If you boat up the IP this summer, please let us know of your timing.* We will be hanging out somewhere between the Strait of Georgia and New Bella Bella/Klemtu this summer.* Please keep in touch if you do boat up the IP.
I have picked up the new CHS charts 3944 for Princess Royal Channel, and 3946 for The Ditch, and CHS told me that 3941, 3942, and 3943 for the North Coast from Seaforth Channel to PR Channel are out.
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