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I am sort of glad the price of fuel has risen to a level so other source of fuel/energy is becoming economical possible.* *The increase will effect our live style and cruising very little as we have take steps to reduce the fuel/energy consumption. We moved to Everett marina, 3 miles from the plant, because of the fuel prices and availability.* So what we save on road fuel has more than off set the cost of fuel.

Being the Eagle is a fuel efficient long range boat the value and marketability increase with the cost of fuel.* It use to be when talking boat it was miles per gallon.* Now its gallons per mile.**Our biggest cost of fuel/energy is for heat, so we will make some additional energy improvements, drop the heat temp down and use AC electric heat more as primary and the diesel as secondary.*

There was a survey in the*a Seattle*paper, the increase of fuel has chnaged 92% of the dirvers.**
Anyway, its going to be a wake up call for most of us, but change is good. I hate to give up my 3/4 ton deisel pick up, but it gets better MPG than most vehecle, 16 city and 19 highway, but it's a stick and I coast a lot.***
So what changes have you done or plan to take in your live?*
I have parked my truck, chevy PU and been riding my BMW 1200 everywhere. It gets about 44 mpg. It feels good to fill up for $15.
I filled up my town car for $6.48 the other day. At 65 mpg it's great around town. Unfortunately due to the cost of replacement if I rust it out, I only drive it on sunny days. I'm stuck with the "big" car whenever the weathr is inclement. It only gets 22 in town and 27.9 on the freeway.

Ken Buck
PS my town car is a 1957 BMW Isetta.
1957 BMW Isetta.

Its a BMW , of course it will last that long!

Interesting the shift (preselector) on the 50's econo mini is similar to race cars today.

And with not quite 24,000 miles on it, I'm hoping it has a few miles left. One lung, 13 hp, air cooled, 4 speed, enclosed chain drive to a solid rear axle, one door, sunroof, 2 window air conditioning.

Ken Buck

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