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Oct 1, 2007
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We had gone down to a new "development" near Galveston.* They did have power and were very accomodating.* We did have a nice time.

First pic is of the lay of the land.

Second pic is looking Northwest as you can see the trafic in the Houston Ship Channel.

Third pic is our boat!

Fourth pic is of the dinghy...we had never towed our dinghy this far and being a planing boat, we weren't sure how it was gonna work out.* It worked out just fine.* In the pic it is 15-20kts of wind and a good chop.


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Had to look at that last picture 2 times before I could find the dink!! Nice uhm dink.
Is there anything other than a dock?
Keith wrote:

Is there anything other than a dock?

Not really.* There is a sales office which I think is basically a really nice model home.* But not really much to do.
How much do they charge? It might be a nice stopover before heading East. I've seen it a few times, but never stopped there. They have a "webcam" but the shots are the same all the time so it's not live.

Don't forget Steve's Landing and Stingaree marina if you're heading East on the ICW. Both nice stops or good day trips. Steve's is closed Tuesdays though.
They did not charge us! I am sure that will change at some point but gratis for now. Yep Steve's Landing is a good one for sure. I do miss the dude. Whenever we used to stay there he would come out with donuts on Sunday morning and we would provide the coffee and we'd shoot the ****. He was a good man. He looked native(cajun/coonass) but was actually from Iowa. He sold everything and followed his dream of owning a restaraunt on the coast and he fulfilled that dream. They do their best to follow his vision of the place.
Also, we were dinghying in the ICW and there was a lot of barge traffic and we see something swimming across the canal right in front of a barge. We thought he was a goner but he turned on some steam and just made it. It turned out to be a fox!!! I actually got a pic of it from my cellphone camera but have not gone on line to see how it turned out. I am not expecting much but if it turns out okay I will post up here.
Sunday the wind was pretty steady at 20mph and i did see it gust to 25-28.
You can see how the water was like glass Saturday and quickly changed by Sunday.


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