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Canadian Ken

Feb 10, 2019
I am looking for pictures of boat interiors to get ideas from. Is there a place that has that on the forum?
yachtworld is probably going to have the most variety. Find a boat whose looks appeal to you and search through listings of ones for sale.
You could also look at brand websites which will have photos and layouts. Not sure whether you are looking for designs on layouts or just ideas for cosmetic choices.h
Pinterest also may be a good source of photos.
One tip, as you come across pictures, right-click on them as save to somewhere local. Various sites come and go and you don't need to lose the pictures.

Pinterest is not convenient for this as they attempt to prevent you from saving. Instead expecting you to 'pin' everything on their website, so they can sell your use patterns for advertising. Some folks are ok with that, I'm not.
I find Pinterest really annoying too. YouTube could be another good source. For example, this video of the same boat as ours gave us some good interior ideas. Wish our boat looked this good:
My wife and I just undertook a similar task as we want to reupholster our saloon settees and wanted to see how other boats of our type are upholstered. We went to a few websites for yacht brokers and were able to quickly find a number of listings for same brand of boat as ours and nearly all had good pictures of the saloon upholstery.
As mentioned, Yachtworld is really good for this.

For a while, I have been bookmarking or downloading images I run across of tasteful or creative window treatments, bulkhead finishes, head remodels, etc.

For example, you can select "aft cabin" and then a year range. Look in detail at the ones in the upper 1/2 of the price range and you'll find the better maintained ones and some good ideas.

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