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Capn Chuck

Jan 20, 2009
We are currently under way from Beaufort, SC to the Chesapeake and are posting details on our trip on our Beach House site for anyone interested. Chuck
When are you planning on being in the Neuse?
We are dealing with alternator issues so are running a bit behind. We will probably be in the Neuse Thursday or Friday of next week. Chuck
This is an amazing blog. Thanks.

Sorry we missed you crossing the Neuse. Would have loved to meet you and see your boat. Maybe next time.
Cap'n Chuck:

Are you wintering at Oak Harbor Marina on Rock Creek?* I'm docked right across the creek from you at Pasadena Yacht Yard.* If I ever get a day away from the office and back on the boat I'd like to take a quick trip over to your side of the creek to admire all your hard work on Beach House.

- Darrell
Moon Dance
1974 34' MT Sedan
Yep, That is where we will be for the duration. Do stop by some time. Chuck
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