any albin 43 owner here??

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Dec 22, 2009
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Albin 43 Trawler
hello to all, looking for more albin 43 owners, my hull number is 184
Brent used to be on here. But if you are on T&T, you likely know him....
I just saw this. I live aboard a 1988 43 Sundeck in Seabrook, Tx. I've owned it since Spring of 01, having bought it in Staten Island, NY.

Hull # 246 I think it is.

Brent Hodges
I'm seriously looking at a 43 Albin trawler this coming weekend so any suggested areas I should be aware of? Mike
If it's a pre-90s era....

Genrally they fall into 2 categories...ones that have been pretty well maintained...and those that haven't. The ones that haven't...there's probably not an area or system on the boat that won't need work.

Teak decks need to be in good shape and not leak, the window areas inside shouldn't show signs of leaks, sanitation systems upgraded since original, bottom for blisters/hydrolysis, fuel tanks for severe rusting.....

I'm sure other's will add to my 40 was a POS...but a better POS than the other POS's for the same price and still 1/2 of the higher end, well kept ones.
Thanks for the input;

Over the past 2 months the teak decks have been replaced with fiberglass in fact all decks have been rebuilt, hull was peeled and epoxied, all glass pulled resealed, engine room and systems look ok but good point with the sanitation system, will check. Boat is being painted this week so will take a look and if serious will have an independent survey completed especially the structure and systems . Got my fingers crossed with this one have seen a lot of flotsam out there called boats. Thanks, Mike
Mike, is the seller doing a major refit to get her sale ready? If he bought to refit/resell the obvious risk is shortcuts, which your survey should reveal.
The one that used to be parked next to us (which is currently for sale) had rusted/leaky fuel tanks (subsequently replaced I'm told), two models of Volvo engines (a bit smokey), loose/leaking rudder hardware where it bolts into/through the hull, rough looking gel coat, rotted mast that was puttied and painted over to look nice...things to look for.
Thanks for the input. I will be sure this boat is up to standard because this is to be our retirement home and not a money pit. I have a neighbor that is a marine surveyor
Albin 43

Thanks all for the input. I'll give an update once I have looked at her. Not holding my breath after some of the other boats I've looked at but staying positive.
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