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72' Alloy trawler is back in the market

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If you have answers, please help by responding to the unanswered posts.
Mar 29, 2012
Vessel Name
Vessel Make
Trawler 72
Due to an opportunity to buy an interesting smaller one who come back on the market, we put (again ! :lol:) our trawler for sale.

2006 Trawler/Explorer 650000 US$

Built in "Sealium" from Pechiney allloy 15% stronger than the 5086 or 5083

LOA 22.07 m

Hull L 21.135 m

Lflott. 19.30m

Beam maxi 5.90m (overall)

Hull Beam 5.80m

AIr draft with arch 7.70m ,

Air draft without arch 4.95 m

Draft light 1.60 m

Draft full loaded 1.80 m

Displacement light 47 T

Displacement full load 60 T

Water tank 2000 lt

Diesel tanks 9000 lt (able to made an Atlantic crossing, could be delivered every where in the world :))

Engine :

2 Caterpillar C12 705 cv 900 h 29/11/2023

ZF350 2,077/1

Caterpillar Multi-Station control System ICH

Aquadrive CV60 Aquadrive HDL700

Shaft seal ERCEM

Propeler 4 blade

Shaft inox 80mm

Side Power 90 liter hydraulique

2 Windlass hydraulique Maxwell 4000

Bowtrhuster Side Power SP550HYD

2hydraulic pump Sauer Danfoss JRL-060-B2

Stabilisateur Vetus (vérin 2021)

Gangway hydraulicOpacmare

Crane hydraulic OPACMARE 350kgs
Antifouled 09/2021

Trawler designed by Joubert/Nivelt for a project launched by a director of Alubat. The distribution of the arrangement brings it closer to the Selene 66 with more volume than the latter. Sélène/Trawler Joubert hull length 20.19/21.14 m, flotation 18.75/19.30 m, width5.69/5.90 m .With its very dense structure, supporting 8 mm Sealium plating, its reliable engines, large autonomy, this trawler would be a perfect support for "off-road" trips. Probably more in its true place in Alaska, Spitsbergen, Patagonia... Structure designed by Veritas Paris, plating certificates, welder certificates, welding control was all made by VERITAS.

For information the type of alloy used to built the Pacific 72


Some infos for the consumption at "low" speed :
1 engine 2 engines

at 620rpm 4.20kts 2 engines 5.86kts
at 800rpm 5.60kts
at 900rpm 6.70kts
at 1000rpm 7.10kts
at 1100rpm 7.50kts 2 engines 9.80kts
at 1200rpm 8.00kts

On 1 engine 7.10nds 1.56lt/nm, 7.50kts 2lt/nm
On 2 engine 9.80kts 3.85lt/nm


  • 20220613_072500.jpg
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Last edited:

On hard stand in Sardaigna for annual bottom paint, until end of December


  • 20230803_145911.jpg
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On hard stand in Sardaigna for annual bottom paint, until end of December


  • 20201218_150045.jpg
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  • 20201220_150345.jpg
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  • IMG-20230730-WA0004.jpg
    70.5 KB · Views: 41
For people interrested

by the condition of hidden places in boat.
Some photo of the "under floor/bilge" under front cabin


  • 20230220_164346.jpg
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  • 20230220_164359.jpg
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  • 20230220_164225.jpg
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  • 20230220_164434.jpg
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inside tanks



  • 20210902_181424 (1).jpg
    20210902_181424 (1).jpg
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  • 20210902_181441 (1).jpg
    20210902_181441 (1).jpg
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  • 20210902_181459 (1).jpg
    20210902_181459 (1).jpg
    72.7 KB · Views: 8
Some more photo

For them who don't see the first advertising


  • IMG-20231214-WA0004.jpg
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  • IMG-20230709-WA0005.jpg
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  • Bizerte.jpg
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  • 20220301_113539.jpg
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The smaller one is...gone :-( again :)
Open for part exchange/trade in for example

Doggerbank 17,89m
Stentor 18m or 16m
or even small Nordhaven 46', De Alm 16,50m, Kompier 16,50m,
Already made an offer on

a smaller boat:D it means what we wrote 2 year ago come back on actuality.:angel:
My wife said I am crazy...probably she is right :lol:

Special offer :):facepalm:

500000 US$

Since right now until the end of June our trawler is for sale at an incredible price of :
In « Where is as is « basis, but she could be delivered everywhere in the world,
You can't find an another 2006 aloy 72' trawler at this price ! exeptional strong and well structured/built hull under the control of BUREAU VERITAS and two « like news » C12
Actually she only need some cosmetics work (mainly paint of superstructure), but she could start right now to your home port, "
This looks like a really interesting vessel but it's very hard to make sense of it from this thread. The videos require a password, and then show up as 404. I can't find some basic information like the number of staterooms/berths and location.

I suggest putting together a website with comprehensive photos/videos interior and exterior, as well as a the full vessel spec & equipment list.
Oups I don't know

it need a password to see the video
Thanks for this info,
I will put more details here


  • img.php.jpg
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  • img.php1.jpg
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  • Structure long..jpg
    Structure long..jpg
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  • vues.jpg
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Some drawing

some view


  • Trawler-72-.jpg
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  • 20220613_072500 (2).jpg
    20220613_072500 (2).jpg
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Engine hour at 29/01/2024 :)
Note the starboard have 38 hour more than the portside because the last 320 nm was done on the starboard .
The next 320 nm will be done on the portside


  • 20240129_114923.jpg
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  • 20240129_114958.jpg
    76.1 KB · Views: 14
Some details of the structure

Note stiffener in flat bar each 200 mm, T beam and frame each 500 mm.
In some place you can see the amazing size of the frame !!
Also the Sealium is 15% stronger than the "normal" alloy ( 5083 or 5086 ) but also ...25% more expansive :)


  • 20240129_105049.jpg
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  • 20240129_105041.jpg
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  • 20240129_105248.jpg
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Open to all (reasonable !! :angel:) offer.:blush:


  • IMG-20231214-WA0002.jpg
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  • IMG-20231214-WA0004.jpg
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