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1986, 43', Albin Classic, Boston MA, $101,000.

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Jerry formally Epoxy Lady

Veteran Member
Sep 16, 2015
Vessel Name
Vessel Make
Sad to say I must sell my wonderful Trawler. I purchased her in FL spring of 2016 after searching for similar vessels and lots of poor offerings. Saw her, and hence the name 'KEEPAH'. She was delivered, new, to an Airline Pilot in MI [fresh water] where she was meticulously maintained and improved, according to onbd records. She went to FL, 20 odd years later and the 2nd Owner's son, a boatyard Mech, maintained and improved her there. I am a retired Marine Industry Professional, and as such have tried to keep her in the same custom. She's ready to cruise, as my Admiral and I have done on both FL coasts, The Keys and The Abacos. We brought her north during COVID and love cruising NE- my birth grounds. Because of her 'upbringing', this vessel is fully found.
Keepah is a USCG documented, two stateroom vessel, galley down, two heads w showers and a tub aft. Salon dinette converts for a double berth. There are two LCD T V s aboard and a built in Stereo system. The galley has a Force 10, LPG, 3 burner stove/oven. A Norcold duel voltage fridge/freezer. Microwave and toaster oven. There is a U-LINE ice maker. A MAGMA LPG portable grill is mounted at the port side cabin top rail. Quarters are serviced by two Cruise Air A/C units, a 16, and 12 K BTU. There are upper and lower helm stations. The Bridge is fully enclosed in Strata glass, extended length. She has permanently fixed, custom made aluminum dinghy davits, a fiber swim platform, with under stowed pull out s/s swim ladder and cockpit shower.
The vessel is powered by twin Volvo TAMD 40 six cylinder engines [4064hrs] A Westerbeke 8KW Gen set is fitted [358hrs since ovhl]. She is 42'6" LOA, 14'6" beam, 4'1' draft. The fitted Electronics are: Raymarine E70 Chart Plotter, 12" screen, includes GPS, Depth, Speed, Auto Pilot and Radar. The Radar is closed dome, mast mounted. There upper and lower VHF radios and a lower helm Hawkeye digital depth sounder. A Freedom 20 Inverter/Charger with Xantrex remote is located beneath the Electrical switchboards.
The Tender is an FRP, catamaran style 10'6', center console unit mfd by Twin Vee. It has a 15HP, 4 stroke Yamaha. Electric start.
Maintenance records and a good spare parts selection are onbd. The vessel was recently Surveyed [05/2023], copy available. She was valued at $105,000. There are no teak decks aboard. P&S fuel tanks, at 250gals each, appear to be coated. Water tanks are s/s at 140gals each, and fitted under the aft stateroom double berth. Holding tank is approx 65gals, FRP covered and fitted center bilge.
A Lofrans anchor windlass with a foot switch is fitted fwd to handle two anchors fitted in an anchor pulpit.
Some known repair, replacement, improvements are:
*Hull Awlcraft painted ~2015.
*Bimini top & enclosure 2016.
*Two Salon barrel type chairs 2016.
*Fwd Jabsco manual saltwater head and aft Dometic Vacuflush units rebuilt 2017.
*Port transmission ovhl 2018.
*M/E valve lash set 2018.
*Upper & lwr VHF radios new 2018.
*Galley faucet and drain hose new 2018.
*Dom wtr tank fill and vent hoses replaced 2018.
*M/E sea cocks replaced and bronze screens fitted 2019.
*Domestic water pump and pressure tank replaced 2019.
*Rebuilt Freedom Inverter/Charger and new remote 2019.
*Custom Teak/gold leaf name boards fitted 2020.
*Upgraded to 85 amp M/E alternators 2020.
*Safety on/off switches installed at P&S M/E and Generator 2021.
* Digital depth sounder added at lower helm 2021.
*Generator rebuilt. New bed plate installed 2021-2.
*Replacement battery bank [8 6volt] and watering system 2023.
*New LPG Sensor/control panel for stove 2023.
*New MSD Macerator pump 2023.
* Hyd steering system flushed, bled & refilled 2023.
*Oil change pump rebuilt 2023.

Price and Tender inclusion are negotiable.


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1986 Albin Additional pictures

I know everyone likes to see engine room pics. I used up my allotment for pics in my adv. Hope I can insert more here:


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Nice looking boat. You could ask the moderators to merge the thread with the additional photos in it with this one to have all the photos in one place. The little red triangle in the bottom left will open a window so you can request that.
Thx again. BTW- I'd like to copy my adv to a PDF or anything, so I can make fliers, ect. Can't see how to copy it. Pls advise?
What a jewel! You can cut and paste to the app/program you’re using for the flyer then import the pictures.

Good luck with your sale!
Would it be possible to have a few more pictures? We're interested, would be coming from Ohio. Don't want to waste anyone's time. Thanks. She is a beauty!

Hello. Yes, she is grand. What would you like to see? Email me & I'll send what you want? gpcent@comcast .net. Best, Jerry
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