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trawler nut

Jul 30, 2017
hello all. been sitting back and taking all this in for about 3yrs. feel kinda of stupid cause I don't own a boat but would love to. just have to hit the lottery....lol. learned a lot in here. tons of knowledge and you get info from people who care. thought it's about time I get my feet wet and make my 1st post.
Welcome aboard. You don’t have to have a boat to participate here, just enjoy boats...
Yes, welcome to TF. Just get some sort of vessel, and get out there and get learning. Oh, and always wear a life jacket. I first caught the urge as a kid, poling myself around our farm dam in a large and very leaky timber packing case. One trip across - haul out - tip over - put back in - repeat many times a day..! :socool:
Welcome, You have to start somewhere, TN.
Any boat will do. As Peter said, you can start learning with anything that floats. I used to build rafts from driftwood that broke up when we hit the rapids on the Goat River. I slowly increased by skill level and boat size.
No need to be billionaire, just realistic.
Keep up your passion this worth millions.

thanks to everyone. I do love boats and never have been one that was into fast. you miss so much by going fast. that's why I love trawlers and for their style.
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