1972 Gulfstar 43 MK1 information

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Nov 21, 2023
Does anyone have any information on wiring diagrams, how to set up a fuel tank monitor, or where to place engine zincs on these boats? I am preparing the boat this winter to start cruising. I have had ongoing problems with the alarms /lights going off more continuously lately with normal oil pressure and engine temperature measurements. I’m putting solar on the boat and it seems like this winter is the time to clean up and figure out my wiring nest.
Welcome aboard. It may be tough to find any diagrams on a boat of this vintage, and there probably have been many changes throughout the years so an original diagram may be useless anyway. What engines do you have?
She has twin Perkins 6.354 NA. I pulled the injection pumps and had them rebuilt a couple seasons ago. They have always started right up after resting for the winter. I winterize but she stays in the water through the winter. She has lived most of her life in freshwater.
There are no engine zincs on the early’80’s Perkins. Maybe the same in the 70’s?

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