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Jul 24, 2019
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My planned 30 day haul out summary;

Filled 10 yard dumpster with years of Old Guy Pack Rat accumulation.

Installed complete Victron Electrical System including;
[2] Victron Multi-plus 3000 connected to provide 120VAC and 220VAC
[6] Victron Smart Li-Po 330 ah batteries
[6] 440 Solar Panels
[2] Victron Solar Controllers
[1] Victron BMS
[4] Victron Distribution modules
[1] WakeSpeed 500 Alternator Regulator
[1] 250 Amp Balmar Alternator
[1] Victron Cerbow GX with screen
[1] Victron Smart Battery Protect
[~] All the ancillary gear to connect it all together
Installed or upgraded the entire AC and DC distribution electrical systems
Rebuilt [4] electrical panels in Pilot house
Installed [10] 120vac outlets with USB charge ports
Install or upgraded the entire fresh water system
Cleaned out and scrubbed the [4] 250 gallon water tanks.
Installed [2] new Macerator pumps

Installed New Navigation gear;
Furuno Autopilot with Hydraulic Pump
Furuno Flux Gate Compass
Furuno Satellite Compass
Furuno AIS Class B Transponder
OpenCPN Plotter with 22” touch screen
Ambient Weather system.
[3] New VHF 8’ Antennas

None of the existing Nav gear was communicating with each other, now everything talks together including;
Furuno GP18571 Plotter/Fish finder
Furuno 1815 Radar
[2] Furuno GPS
VHF Radio with AIS RX
Hailer and loud speakers fore and aft
Purchased AstroLab IIIb (still learning it)
Installed 6 person Offshore Life raft
Installed EPRIB
Installed [5] Bilge pumps in the [5] water tight areas with Pilothouse alarms
New fire extinguishers through out
Refurbished Engine room Halon system
Install [2] Remote Controlled spotlights fore and aft
Removed seized DD3-71aux engine
Completely went through the Main DD6-71
Completely went through the 3 phase 30kw Gen Set DD2-71
Rebuilt keel cooling system.
Rebuilt Main and Engine Gauge wiring w new gauges
Designed and built two Raspberry PI Engine monitors
Rebuilt Fuel transfer system
Scrubbed out all [6] Fuel tanks
Installed new Engine Room diamond plate decks
Installed new Ethernet network including;
[1] Dell Server
[1] 72 Tb File Server
[1] i13900 desktop
[1] Network rack
[1] 48 port 10Gb switch
[5] 10 port 1 Gb POE switches
[16] POE IP Cameras
[3] WiFi Access Access points (steel boat, WiFi don’t through steel decks well)

Installed 3’ wide swim platform
Installed Captains chair in Pilot house
New bottom anti-fouling paint
Touched up Topside paint

New ground tackle including;
Rocna 25 (keeping the Danforth as a backup)
[150’] 3/8” chain
[400’] ¾” Rode
[30’] Anchor bridle
[~] Tackle to connect all
New ¾” Dock lines

New [13 liner feet] of book case shelving (there was NONE and it is already full)
Rebuilt Flying bridge dining table
Replaces Teak trim on flying bridge
New TVs in saloon and cabins connecting to onboard Fileserver that has over 3000 movies on it
New Microwave
New Bread maker
Labeled Every drawer cabinet or storage location

Designed and wrote software and database to store and monitor the following;
Engine data
NMEA data
Storage locations of gear
[13] Tank levels
Electrical usage and status

Loaded [1100] gallons of diesel
Loaded [20] gallons of engine oil
Lots of lots of oil filter, fuel filters and spares
Loaded [1000] gallons of fresh water
Emptied [350] gallon black water tank
Emptied [100] gallon gray water tank
Loaded two months worth of food and supplies
Trash hauled
Laundry all done

This all took 11 months, over $80k and more booze then I care to admit. I splash Monday June 3rd at 10 am, I plan on spending a bit more time here is Astoria to test and calibrate all the systems. Maybe a week, then headed to San Juan Islands for a rest.


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Wow,that's AWESOME! Great job sticking to it. 80k sounds low for all that. I assume you did most of the work yourself. I'm in your neck of the woods. Where did you do all the work?
It was all done in Astoria Port Pier 3. I did do almost all the the work myself, I called in a diesel mechanic to do work on the DD2-71 and DD6-71, BUT I am a Yachty to these guys, so while they got a work done, they kicked me to the curb if there was any commercial boat needed work done and I spent a lot of time and money waiting on them, So became "YouTube certified" and finished it myself
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So do I :D
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