12 volt light fixtures

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Jan 7, 2009
I just bought a 1988 40' sundeck trawler.
The majority of the ceiling light fixtures are 8" square flush mount and are supposed to have three bulbs that snap between two metal "ears" which are the contacts. Over time the ears break off leaving the fixture with two and then one working bulb.
I've searched the internet to no avail. Does anyone have these fixtures and if so do you know how to fix/replace them ?

Dunno if you know how to post pictures on here but it is quite easy. A picture of your light fixture I think would help others get an idea of what you are talking about.
I am guessing, but I think this is the kind of light you're describing.* Bulbs are available, mfg by Hella Marine -- suggest you contact them. I also have similar bulbs in Perko nav lights. Another thought, if this is the kind of bulb you have, is to take a look at fuse holder clips that might be about the same size.

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If you are really i9n love with the fixture NAPA has bulb sockets that could be installed.

As on who has just sold a 1988 40' Sundeck....

Because of the power used by the bulbs is high, I installed a high light output flouerest lamp on a swivel in the salon and two of them in the aft cabin. I rarly would use the overhead lights.

However to your question.. Those brass bulb holder can be replaced with just alittle bit of effort. The originals are rivited in. First remove the fixture. Cut the wire at the butt splice. Remove the frosted glass. Simply drill out the rivits to remove the broken or damaged holder. Go to a hardware store or hobby shop and get some brass stock about 3/8 of an inch wide. Cut it into the need lenght. A dremel tool with a cut off wheel work well for this. Form the brass holder into a "L" shape and drill two holes. One for the bulb to go and the other on the base to be secured with a screw to the ficture. Attached the power wire to a lug and secure it to the mounting screw.

Or simply install new bulb holders on the fiberlass base fixture as* Aross suggested.

Hope that helps.


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As sailors we used a different system (before LED's).

Most import* SS light fixtures have a bulb holder that uses a dual contact bulb.

We simply rewired the unit to hold a dual filament bulb with the addition of a pull chain switch, and grounded the housing.

The setup is the small filament is comtrolled by the EZ to see , or feel in the dark chain pull, 1/2A on 12V

The origional small switch would turn on the 2A "brake" filament ,good for finding a lost contact lense .

One of the little pins must be filed off the bulb , a minor hassle.

To continue saving we wired the cabin corner lamps with a switch to be able to convert the circuit from a parallel to a series circuit.

Nice dim lighting , great for dining , with about 1/2 the juice.


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