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Originally Posted by mvweebles View Post
Olivia - on an earlier post you mentioned you like the open doors on the back of the boat (similar to mine or the Mainship 34). These are called "Sedans" or "Convertibles" in boat marketing parlance. More common on west coast but worth a look are Bayliner 3870/3888 and it's little sister, the Bayliner 3270/3288. These are getting pretty old and a bit tired so I'm not sure I recommend them, but an amazing use of space. Some of the motoryacht style boats are decent liveaboards. That said, one thing I like about the Mainship 34 you sent is it's a single engine boat - in this size range, I lean towards singles for ease of access to the engines, but that's personal preference.

I too like sedan model boats as the outdoor space is great, especially this time of year (well, I'm guessing its still a bit cold even in Savannah - it's been a cool-ish winter here in St Pete). But you give up the sumptuous aft cabin.

Keep asking questions - ton of good knowledge on this forum.

Thank you for clearing up that these are called "Sedans" or "Convertibles." I mainly want a boat for outdoor space, that's what is going to sell me on the boat, I feel. The Manatee has both indoor and outdoor functions that I like a lot. The mainship has the outdoor area, too, but not as much as the Manatee. But, I'm not opposed to either. I will look into the Bayliner 3870/3888/Bayliner 3270/328.

Also, yes, it's cold in Sav right now... at least cold to this Georgia peach! Thanks again!
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