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Originally Posted by albinalaska View Post
I seem to be having a somewhat similar issue with my Coolant on my port engine (FL120). Slightly more concerning though as we are on the hard. While at the dock a month ago we noticed port coolant tank empty (do not have a plastic overflow system installed). Cap was really crusty- probably original- So we ordered the cap recommended on this forum thinking it was just from shutting down too quickly and not letting the engines idle down enough. (Do not have this issue in stbd tank FYI but the coolant reservoir appears to have been upgraded).

But we replaced the cap, vacuumed out the coolant from the bilge (literally all of the coolant), examined the engine for signs of where it might be leaking in case that was the issue but couldn’t find anything. With the new cap we thought the issue was resolved.

Flash forward:

We’re out on the hard doing winter work and on a check the port coolant tank is empty again and the coolant is in the bilge... well, outboard side of the inner port stringer...

Where would this all be leaking from if not the overflow tube? There is no observable evidence of coolant on the engine that we’ve been able to find. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

My starboard engine has leaked coolant out the last 2 winters. Have not been able to find the leak yet. However during the summer it doesn’t leak when we are using it. I put a dye in but that hasn’t been definitive.
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