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I trucked a 34' Mainship to the PNW from Connecticut in the 80's.

Bought the boat unseen, flew there, secured everything below, winterized engine for trip over Rockies, took flybridge off, built a cradle for the bridge, marked all wiring and supervised the loading on to the trailer.

Even after all that prep work, there were scuff mark's on the gel coat under the securing straps from the road dirt working it's way under the straps. The sliding door track developed a hollow from the doors roller rubbing constantly during the cross country haul.

Reassembly was easy since I decommissioned the boat.

For the distance you are looking at, I would follow other members advice and drive it up on it's bottom. Depending on your work situation, the income you lose from taking extra days off work will be offset by the lack of trucking and preparation costs.

And it would be a heck of an experience.
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