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Originally Posted by CaptainK View Post
4 thrusters... just to make it easier for us to get into marinas and tight spots. We had thought about doing 2 tunnel thrusters, but ended up going with a 4-pump jet system instead.

We only have 230 gallons of fuel... and we end up motoring most of the time. The mast height has been an issue, trying to follow our trawler friends to some places... and it's hard to run a sailboat alone at night (my wife can never sleep while we're underway at night -- worried about me being on deck... etc.).

How long have you had this catamaran? How much experience do you have, or have you allowed yourself to learn to handle the vessel?

Most catamaran with twin engines and props are extremely maneuverable once you get the hang of it. Don't understand the need for thrusters, let alone 4 of them??

You ask for long range, what sort of long range? Where is you want to visit?...offshore?...across oceans??

The suggestion about removing the mast and saving it for resale might make sense if that's really what your after. In place of that mast there could be erected a small crows nest or short tower.

I'm an old sailing guy who is very partial to 'motorsailing catamarans'. google my name along with 'motorsailer' and I'm sure you will come up with lots of hits.

BTW, I take you don't sail her much because shes a bit big for just you and your wife?....or are your present day trips to short to justify sailing??
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