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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
And to think, this is how bad the guy looks if you believe one word he's typed, which I don't.

to my knowledge my boat is is out anchored and floating

Then followed by him calling the following day because a storm was coming. No. Someone told him the boat had floated ashore and then he called. Storm coming? What about all the other storms over the 30 days he had owned it?

Purchased immediately? On the basis of a photo or what? How did he even describe the unregistered boat.

Then what makes him think the insurer's job is to then secure his boat and look after it and make sure no vandalism? How would they even be able to tell if it was vandalized?

He files a claim wanting it towed and re-anchored? Must have a special towing and re-anchoring clause in his policy. And no adjuster in 24 hours, oh my what a disgrace, that for his major claim there wasn't an adjuster there in minutes.

He omits telling us what he'd paid for the policy and how.

I hope he keeps calling this to the attention of many such as local law enforcement. I hope he keeps pursuing his claim. Why? Because I'd love seeing him charged with attempted insurance fraud on top of his claim denied.

Of course ticketed for failure to register would be nice too. I'm sure the only thing Jupiter police are worried about is somehow them ending up with the boat.

He's a crook. Not just a poor man with a derelict boat, but a crook.
He said his first call this morning was going to be to the police to complain that his first notification about his boat being beached was a citation.

He’s been having a go fund me going to try to get money to first buy the boat and then to buy a motor.

He said he’s been “sailing” around the world for the last 6 yrs on that raft doing missionary work and says his plan, once he learns to actually sail a real sailboat, is to continue on his journey.
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