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Welcome Jimmy
We are down in chicago. We bought a manatee a year ago; 36 feet single engine. When we stared looking we were looking 40-45 feet with twin diesels After looking for a couple of years we found what we wanted in terms of space, operating costs and maintenance. I would suggest you look at a lot of boats type prior to buying. When we thought about a 2nd stateroom, 2nd head we realized we did not want anyone hanging out with us more than a few days, so the 2nds would likely become storage/junk areas. Where we thought we wanted a twin, we realized it would double the maintenance cost and operating costs and not buy us much in the way of speed. We have learned how to maneuver the single as well as any twin (practice practice practice) and are fanatical about maintenance. Most failures are related to fuel, so. Twin is just twice the cost to fix and maintain.

We are apply with our Manatee. If you get to the Chicago area we would be happy to show her to you..

Welcome to the forum!
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