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Originally Posted by CapeWhaler View Post
Add my thanks for the ongoing progress reports on this arduous but important job; one of the most fascinating threads I've read (even the whiskey reviews!). Well done on both the job and the continuing updates! It caught my interest because I'm facing removing an ancient badly corroded steel tank from a 1979 motorsailer.

One thing I didn't see in the thread that I've been worrying over is purging the tank of residual diesel fuel and fumes before attacking it with a saw or cutoff wheel; rather not blow myself up from a spark. How did you do that...or I am worrying unnecessarily?
I cut a large access hole and cleaned out all the sludge. I then sprayed degreaser and wiped it out. I only used a saw all with agressive carbide blades. I would not use a cutoff wheel. Too many sparks and too much heat. I never saw a spark and it didn't heat the steel because it chipped the material out.
Good hunting😉
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