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The lift pump is old, possibly original, but it is working.

There aren't any leaks.

I am in the process of figuring out the thread sizes to replace most of the fuel lines. They are mostly copper now and are anchored down so securely that it is hard to disengage the tubing from the compression fittings to check the flows. The first one will be from the manifold to the starboard Racor. Then I need to plumb a way to move the fuel in the starboard tank to the port side to clean the tank. Fortunately, the tank has a maintenance port installed.

My current theory is that debris from the starboard tank has partially clogged the line between the manifold and the racor.

So the plan is:

1. Remove the line from the manifold to the starboard Racor.
2. Flush and inspect the manifold.
3. Replace the line from the manifold to the Racor
4. Plumb in a method of transferring fuel between tanks.
5. Transfer most of the fuel to the port tank.
6. Open and clean the starboard tank.
7. Transfer the fuel to the now clean starboard side.
8. Clean the port tank.
9. Equalize the fuel.
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