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Originally Posted by TimButterfield View Post
I find this viewpoint slightly hilarious given we commonly talk here in BOAT dollar amounts. My Rainsong is in the two to three BOAT dollar range. An Emerald might be three to four. A Leviora maybe five or so. You need to start getting fancy to get above five. But, after spending those BOAT dollars, you have an asset you can resell in future to get some of it back after you have enjoyed it for a while. By comparison, consider the equivalent slip rental where the same BOAT dollars may be spent for a period of time without any asset remaining once spent. I find it amusing that one is just normal boat ownership costs and the other is an arm and leg. Both are for activities many would consider optional. But, maybe that's just me. Thanks for the laugh and the exposure to another viewpoint.

I don't usually mind spending the money on toys (and have high-end Ric, Gibson, Ovation guitars too), but the pesky BOAT keeps demanding those darned BOAT dollars... faster than I can spare up some for better musical instruments.

And this new PRS sorta attracted me, even if not quite as "thinline" as some of the other options I shopped on at the time.

On topic, at least a little bit more, I just tuned the thing yesterday, for the first time since mid-January.... and discovered it was almost two semi-tones sharp, even though all strings were still pretty much relationally (well tempered) OK. Still thinking about that...

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