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Originally Posted by firstbase View Post

One thing not talked about is the business environment. Give me NYC business any day of the week. Especially when talking about Miami. My experience with Miami has been that it is a cesspool of under the table, scratch my back I scratch yours, back stabbing, low lifes in the business world. Don't know what business you are in but that's what it is all about down there. somewhat better in Fort Lauderdale. That and cheaper is better. Want to sell your product/service? Just come in cheaper. Alll you need to do. Quality is irreleevant. Just my opinion though. but one formed through working in the major markets on both coasts.

As a couple owning businesses in all three counties of South Florida we don't have those issues at all. Perhaps it's the type business or perhaps just that we won't deal with people like that.

Now as to the OP, his job is based on the company's location and that is probably based on the number of conventions and convention centers. Miami comes out very well in that field.
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