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Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
Does depend on the boat configuration, but those bumper strips are what we installed too (post 7, or so).. and only the rubrail ever touches. And even then, only occasionally, usually at way higher than normal tides, in our case, before I adjust lines again.

They make some of those for floating docks and along edges of finger piers... I could imagine they might touch hull sides in some instances... but then I'd also guess it'd be better than hull sides against wood or concrete... and line adjustment could still minimize hull/rubber contact.

Not really a recommendation, just an observation...

In my experience, most floating docks have rubber or plastic rub rails all around the dock. Still, fenders should be deployed. Otherwise the boat rubs on those rails and you end up with black streaks on the hull that have to be removed with a solvent (acetone).

If you are in a double wide slip or a face dock, there's no amount of line adjusting that will keep your boat off the dock. You are going to rub and sometimes rub hard because of wind or waves.
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