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Originally Posted by DHeckrotte View Post
She asked me to explain how I maneuver and dock the boat using the twins and no rudder. I say "I can't explain, you just have to do it and learn; that's what I did". .
Here's something she might relate to (and I'm not trying to be sexist). Have her stand with both hands on a shopping cart. To make a left turn she moves the right hand forward. To make a left U-turn, she moves the left hand backwards toward her body and the right hand forward.

My wife's point of taking over the helm was on a return trip from Portland, OR. We were coming out of Portland, had passed through Bonneville Lock and I found I couldn't keep my eyes open from lack of sleep.

I asked her to take over while I grabbed 40 winks on the seat behind the helm seat telling her I'd be right there if she needed anything. She did, and when I woke up 2 hours later she had brought us through an area of the Columbia River that had lots of turns, buoys to watch, other boat traffic, and she did great.

She has backed the boat into the slip twice with me standing next to her and she did well, but she lacks confidence in her ability. She knows that in a real emergency she can take over and handle the boat, and that's fine with both of us.
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