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Originally Posted by catalinajack View Post
Software development requires extensive testing. The problem is that the testers must try, note the word try, to imagine every possible permutation of the use of the software driving a system. It is literally impossible to deploy new softwar free of bugs. Invariably, when new software is deployed "bugs" are encountered and through user feedback the bugs are corrected. .
I know that is the conventional wisdom, but I strongly disagree with the statement that it's impossible to deploy new software free of bugs. We developed software internally all the time and I didn't accept bugs so didn't have them. We did do extensive "rainy day" testing. I was considered a pro at breaking a system. Perhaps it's a warped mind that helps. For someone building software for the public, in addition to the testing they can always have some beta users. The key is the testing. One of the favorites I remember was pre-testing several of us were around the computer with it being demonstrated. I simply said enter a negative number in that field. The response was "no one would ever enter negative." I said, "Oh, someone will so do it." Needless to say that didn't work out well.

Just like on a retail software nothing can destroy it as quickly as poor testing and bugs, when implementing software in a business, nothing can lose the users faster than bugs and their opinion of the software will be largely based on the first day of use.

Now, your comment and the practices of many companies are the reason I will never be a first user. Typically, I want a product that has been out at least 6 months. I'll let the other purchasers be their beta users and sort out the problems. Even something as simple as a cell phone, I want to see at least a month worth of reviews. Apple has had a recent history of not quite ready new phones and releasing software updates after a short period.
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