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Welcome Star.

As others have said, you seem to have your act together. You guys will do fine.

One thing... to go from not ever having owned a boat, or much experience with personal boats, to living aboard is a big jump. As you pointed out, you have already dealt with many of the issues but even so...

Flybridge. Initially I didn't want one. I have one now anyway and in our three short months of power boat ownership we have used it several times. It is nice during the nice weather.

I would strongly encourage you to look at boats that have a covered aft cockpit due to our weather.

I wouldn't worry about Air Conditioning, but you need to have a good diesel furnace.

If you are living aboard, consider your marina carefully. If you have ready access to a head, shower, and laundry on shore, then you eliminate a lot of the interior moisture in the boat, which in our part of the country is a constant issue. Also, seriously look at a small, portable dehumidifier. It can address a lot of those moisture problems during the winter months.

Cruising grounds. My guess is that you could spend a couple decades cruising from Olympia to BC before feeling the need to go down the Pacific coast.

Unless you do decide to go down the Pacific coast, don't worry about stabilization, you won't need it.

Since you like teak and want to maintain it (fool though you may be), there are lots of older boats with wonderful teak exterior features that can be absolutely beautiful with the necessary maintenance. The nice thing is, folks like me avoid those boats like the plague, leaving better prices and more options for you.

Good luck.

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