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One question that is not always asked is why a trawler ?Deck house styling?

Many times a far better built boat can be had for a lower price that is US built and better Quality , sadly their called motor yachts. Some are even called Sports fish boats.

Most are designed to go faster than the trawler crawl , so will have far larger industrial based engines .

These will run more GPH at trawler speeds , BUT the boat price and quality will offset the cost easily.

Would you rather >invest< $25K in deck repair replacement which adds no value to the boat , or an extra $5.00 per hour in fuel for the first 5000 hours of operation ?

Parts are parts but you have a better chance at a quality , say waste pump in a high buck US boat .
Sure when it goes it will coast more to repair , but you are paying for NOT having to fix it every couple of years .

The Dave Pascoe book and surveys might be a good read for all TT wannabees.
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