Recommended Marinas Acapulco MX?

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Jun 26, 2023
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We are happily underway as neophyte owners of a trawler following 6 months of major upgrades in Marina del Rey. The experience is everything we had hoped it to be and are so encouraged by the supportive boating community we now find ourselves immersed in. We are working our way down the western coast of Mexico from Loreto and need to drop some guests off in Acapulco. Marina Cabo Marques has been recommended, although the Captain who made the recommendation has not been there post hurricane Otis. I am wondering if anyone has recent experience or alternative suggestions? Thanks.
There is no marina in Acapulco. Otis was a Cat 5 and demolished the city and many sunken boats litter the floor of the bay. I was there 6 weeks ago and spent almost a week in the area. The destruction simply cannot be described.

If it must be Acapulco, your only option is to pickup a mooring from Vicente (Whatsapp +52 744 439 8184 - give him at least a day notice as he lives over an hour away). We did some minor exploring in Acapulco but did not feel overly comfortable doing so. There are a couple of anchorages nearby - Isla Roquettas and Marques Bay just east of Acapulco Bay.

We simply loved Mazatlan. It's a rickety marina but the cruising vibe was fantastic. Barra de Navidad was another favorite, perhaps because we met some cool people there too. We also stopped in San Blas which is off the beaten path for cruisers. Funky marina and a small town that sort of liked - carnitas at Chavas were pretty dang good. Many folks use Puerto Vallarta or Zihuateneo as pickup/drop-off locations for guests. Ixtapa Marina is a bit rickety too, but almost always has space. The Banderas Bay marinas and Barra marina are a bit more difficult to get into. La Cruz at the northern end of Banderas Bay is the most likely to have a slip. Barra is luck of the draw.

An early cruising mentor once told me that guests can pick the time, or they can pick the destination. They cannot chose both.

Good luck. Take your time. You're just getting started.

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Thank you for your insights, much appreciated. We are planning to stop at Barra de Navidad and will look at alternatives other than Acapulco.
Thank you for your insights, much appreciated. We are planning to stop at Barra de Navidad and will look at alternatives other than Acapulco.

Harbor master in Barra is Dino (+52 315 100 2636 Whatsapp). He is not always responsive which is standard for Mexican marinas. Worst case, anchor in the lagoon and dinghy in to see if there is room at the marina in person. Same with La Cruz marina in Banderas Bay. Office manager in La Cruz is Ivette (+52 322 117 2807). She's a bit official until you meet her in person, which is normal in Mexico. I forget the name of their head of security who knows every boat and slip in the marina and can shoe-horn a boat in if asked. Be at the office by about 830am and he will be there waiting dor Ivette to figure out the comings and goings for the day.

Mexico runs on coca cola and WhatsApp.

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As Peter stated above, Acapulco is a write off, and will be for at least several more years. The devastation was absolutely horrific. Lots and LOTS of sunk boats, and 50 or 60 of them washed up ashore everywhere. Vincente is a valued resource for a mooring ball.

Overall, if you have folks flying in, or leaving, I would NOT use Acapulco as your drop-off or pick-up point.
In the early 60's my parents, during the Michigan winter would fly to Acapulco for 2 weeks, Las Brisas. In the 6 decades hence I have never made it. Then, Acapulco was referred to as "the pearl of the Pacific". Que lastima!
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