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Aw heck – I jus gots ta chime in ta dis enteresten thread afore hitten da bunk! Dis tain't so much ta do bout size o' boat... but rather bout da relationship that gets put-in-state twixt Captain and his water born charge!

I believe our boats sorta choose us... think that thought's been said before by someone else in a different thread.

By that I be meanen: Via conscientiously applying proper due-diligence; when we finally get through with all your what ifs, wish I coulds, if onlys, why nots, and I'm sure I cans... to the point where you actually pretty well have defined (know) what you really be seeken for "your" boat... then... you may well suddenly (actually often unexpectedly) be held tight by some boat's essence... i.e. "her" very soul, if you will!
Now, first of all don't be no pushover to no female sole boat (caus they actually is all girls - ain't they?? - lol)... cause these floaten ladies can be darn tricky as to what guise they may use to hussy-capture your heart and your wallet. Our relationship with em becomes a bit of a push me pull you love affair, at least in the early days. Understand, they all want to be "owned" by their Captain and if treated right each WILL open up wide to meet and fulfill our desires... but, if she feels her Captain's been dismissive then her pipes can get all clogged up and she might not even want to start getting all warmed up most of the time for a playful romp in the bed-of-water to which you want her to lay down her wake! Heck man, like most women... keep her happy and she’ll keep you smiling from ear to ear. Someday we’ll need to chat on this male/female “equal rights” thang... brother, that’s a whole other story all together; one for OTDE I’m sure! - LOL

Anyway - At that time when one boat really catches your fancy, and you get engaged by spenden time n’ money to look up her shirt for checken her real prowess (i.e. equipment and build structure, etc) you need to be stoic and not let her fool you into a marriage you will regret. Last thing you want is a boat you don’t really want.

Soooo... Captain, my Captain, when you first take off her cuffs (dock lines) and get her all hot n’ bothered (sea trial) DON”T be afraid to see just how hard she can be pushed and still not pass out! Both you and she will be glad you together did that first big romp in da water bed, jus a getten ta know each other a bit better. Done correctly, if she is going to be a really good gal for ya on the long run, she’ll respect the hell out of you for showing her what you’re really made of and so she could show you what’s she’s actually got!

BTW, be sure to warm her up good before em, and let her idle to cool down plenty after your romps. Be sure to keep her clean and in good order – She’ll serve you well and make ya Proud to Own Her!

Happy Boating Daze! - Art
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