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Everybody keeps thinking the Albin 28 he is mentioningis some sort of semi-planing trawler type boat. It is not. It is an express cruiser with a planing hull and a 315hp Diesel engine and cruises at 18ish knots.

Now.......I was planning on doing a full write up on something like this since I just bought a Carver....but I don't have time to write it now.

But I will say something that nobody has mentioned. Most "cruisers" you speak are made right here in the USA. I am not going on a patriotic angle here. I am talking ENGINEERING!!! As I poke around my Carver I begin to realize that the people in Wisconsin that made this boat actually had a brain and a little bit of forethought. All access panels are big enough to remove/replace whatever it is you are "accessing". Even the companionway door is big enough to get the engines out.

Oh, and get this.........NO WINDOW LEAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine that????!!!!! No rotted stain interior wood. Anyway, I had low expectations going into this and I am pleasantly surprised at every turn. mean I can pick up the phone and call someone and order a part.....from the same maderfackers that built this thing?????!!!!!!! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!!!! Or they can at least give me a phone number to the people that supplied the part. They have a website with a list of vendors so sometimes I don't even have to bother those maderfackers!!!!

Anyway, just a few thoughts that people don't think about.........
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