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Originally Posted by cafesport View Post
Does the boat hold course without helm input at wot? How about at hull speed? How does the helm feel? I would guess for your hull, 7 degrees toe in (trailing edges out, leading edges in) is a good starting point. Itís an error and trial adjustment process to find out what works best.
It tracks like it's on rails at pretty much any speed and the steering is appropriately responsive. I haven't measured the toe setting, it's at whatever the factory set it to 37 years ago (I know for sure it hasn't been touched). I'll have to see if I can get a good measurement for it (rudders are wedge shaped, so it might be hard to measure accurately due to the thickness of the trailing edges).

I don't have any complaints with the steering, I just found the amount of rudder angle and especially the reverse Ackerman to be surprising and wasn't sure if anyone had a reason it may have been built that way, as it just strikes me as sub optimal. I'm thinking of dropping the rudders and going over everything next winter, so that might be the time to assess it all in more detail.
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