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Originally Posted by rherten View Post
Hi all,

We are looking for inexpensive night vision options but not ready to invest in a permanent installation on our boat. We will save that for our "forever boat" some time in the future.

Our present situation is that we occasionally do some night cruising near our home in the Pacific Northwest. This may involve leaving for a weekend getaway on a Friday evening after work and cruising a few hours past sunset into the pitch dark, then anchoring in a dark anchorage. On moonless nights it can be very hard to see and we are most concerned with the risk of hitting a log or other floating object. (There is a lot of that in the Pacific Northwest). Secondary issue would be having a look around in the anchorage once we arrive.

We are potentially looking for a handheld IR device, which would be relatively inexpensive and we could use for other purposes and/or take with us if we move on to a different boat. Looking for any experience or feedback in that regard:

- I understand IR / thermal imaging technology is the way to go, as opposed to image intensification which still relies on light and is less effective


Thanks very much
More complicated than that. II can work better if window glass is in the way. I have used combo II and FLIR in same instrument. Might still be mil availability, not sure.
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