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Originally Posted by Gdavid View Post
I know we couldn't do the same today for less than $15K. Later that season, we installed an autopilot because the boat didn't have one. The AP was a game changer and 1/5 the cost. We would have never guessed the end values of those two items prior to running a trawler and the whole family has a lot of boating experience. Now I have my own trawler, basically the same as my parents' old boat, it came with a generator and I use it but I wouldn't spend $15k to have one.
That illustrates the value of using any new-to-you old boat before undertaking major change. Put aside the money for a year or two.

I bought my current boat thinking I knew exactly what I wanted, and made fairly extensive revisions to electrics. Now I'm realizing that some of the things that I thought were important are not, and vice versa.
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