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Originally Posted by twistedtree View Post
How deep do you want to anchor? With 150' you are limited to 30', give or take. 250' Would get you up to 50' depth. That's much better, but still pretty limiting from what I've seen. Maybe others with ~45' boats in the PNW can comment?
A lot of variables. Height from pulpit to water line on the ST44 is 6' IIRC

Then if all chain you can usually get away with a lessor scope than if line, especially if you have a huge anchor

Are you anchoring overnight? Just during day when you are at boat and can keep watch? In calm conditions? Or storms?

Scope could be anywhere from 3 to 5 to 7.

250' is not enough for 50' depth if you are doing 5 scope. You would need 280 feet I think? 50 + 6 = 56 * 5 = 280 plus some extra to get from pulpit to windlass to anchor locker where the end gets tied, thats another 10', so you'd need 290 on the ST44 for a 5 scope and 50 feet of water.
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