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Vessel Model: 1980 49 Grand Banks Classic
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We've owned our 36CL for 5 years now and if we were just going to continue to cruise the local PNW by ourselves we probably wouldn't have upgraded. It's a very simple boat and with the single JD6404 and a bowthruster I can get into any slip I can fit in. Awesome boat. Even at todays prices if you can afford moorage, you can afford fuel. Maintenance is inexpensive as long as you're doing the simple stuff, oil changes and normal upkeep. Running gear is as cheap as it's going to get for a boat of this type. JD and Lehman engines will run forever if well maintiained, ie clean fuel and oil.

At 6'2" I bump around a bit but it's not terrible with 2 aboard. Add 1 or 2 adults and you'll want a 42.

We own both a 36 and a 49 at the moment. 49 is our retirement job and 36 is for sale soon.
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